Symone is here with the stories to make you go hmmm….

Teens Carve Swastika Symbol into Classmates Head


On Wednesday authorities charged  Portland Oregon teens Jenna Montgomery 15, Blue Christian Kalmbach 15, and Jess Taylor 17 with robbery, assault and menacing. The  teens are accused of luring 16 year old classmate Dustyn Murrain into a shed shooting him with a BB Gun carving a swastika symbol into his forehead and stealing his skateboard and cash.  The teens are being tried as adults and are being held on a $3 million bond. Another 14 year old  being accused in aiding in this crime will be tried as a juvenile. Kelli Murrain, the victim’s mother says her son will have to wear a silicon patch to help with the healing process.


Woman Kidnaps Newborn


Kristen Smith was indicted on federal charges and is being charged with kidnapping. The Colorado woman is accused of abducting her half sister’s new born baby. The newborn was found  alive 29 hours later at a local gas station in Iowa in freezing cold temperatures. Smith tried to get rid of the child because police were honing in. Police found baby clothes, a prosthetic belly and car seat in her vehicle. Evidence was later found on Smith’s Facebook Page planning to kidnap the infant and take him back to Colorado and pass him off as her own.


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