Nicki Minaj Ruffles Some Feathers

It’s all fun and games until the song is about you! Last week, Nicki “The Harajuku Barbie” Minaj dropped her video to latest single,  Looking A** Ni**as. From deceitful guys to guys who don’t have a job, Nicki is sending out a warning to men she will simply not tolerate. Her choice of attire was very sexy for the video. Minaj wore fitted black dress with mesh siding, rocking real hair in a high ponytail while delivering brash lyrics. Ladies and gentlemen took heed and the video sent social media into a frenzy! Apparently, Nicki’s diss left a sour taste in her opposite counterparts and has a few men unenthusiastic.

Nicki Minaj

Minaj was giving us the “I woke up like this” look in her video “Lookin A** N***s.”

Within 24 hours, Philly rapper Cassidy dissed insignificant ladies with his remix Looking A** Bit**es calling out all pitiful women men may encounter in their lives. Fans, mostly guys, went wild tweeting Cassidy’s lyrics. We haven’t heard anything from Cassidy since his Meek Mill diss back in 2012. Could this be Cassidy way of making a comeback in the rap game? Guess we will just have to wait and see.


Rapper Cassidy fires back at all the inadequate women with his remix “Lookin A** B****es”


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