Talking Angela Houx

“WARNING FOR TO ALL PARENTS WITH CHILDREN THAT HAVE ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICES, EX : IPOD,TABLETS ETC …. THERE IS A SITE CALLED TALKING ANGELA, THIS SITE ASKS KIDS QUESTIONS LIKE : THEIR NAMES, WHERE THEY GO TO SCHOOL AND ALSO TAKE PICTURES OF THEIR FACES BY PUSHING A HEART ON THE BOTTOM LEFT CORNER WITHOUT ANY NOTICES. PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILDREN’S IPODS AND ALL TO MAKE SURE THEY DO NOT HAVE THIS APP!!! PLEASE PASS THIS MESSAGE ON TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS THAT HAVE KIDS!!!!” Angela This is the warning that went viral on social media last week when rumors that the popular kids app Talking Angela is being ran by pedophiles who steal your children’s information and take their photograph using the front camera on the phone. According to the makers of the game, the rumor is false. ” The description clearly informs the user that one of the core functionalities of the app is chat, which requires two-way communication, where Angela (a chat bot, not a real person) answers with text and voice in English and talks to the user about a variety of subjects. The data collected by the app from the user is not shared with anyone and is actually sent to Out Fit7 only in the form of an anonymized data log (no names, no numbers, no personal data). This fact is clearly disclosed within the description of the app. The screenshots within the description clearly show that the app enables the user to take a picture of himself/herself and share those pictures to social media services like Facebook or Twitter. This is only done if the user wants to do it and the photos are not sent anywhere else.”

The app also comes with a child mode, which pops up when the app is first downloaded and opened for use. Talking Angela is centered around a “diva” feline living in Paris. The Talking Angela app’s purpose is to wait until the child peaks and mimic what’s said to them in a Parisian feline fashion rather than purloin personal information. Like most divas, Angela loves being pampered and treated like a princess. You can chat with her, style her from a wardrobe, and you can even buy her presents. The rumors have not affected the amount of downloads the game is receiving.  It is rated No. 6 on I-Tunes with over 3,000 downloads. Talking Angela is available on Apple products as well as Androids.

Nonetheless, you should always be extremely careful of what your children are doing within the cyber world. And of course there’s apps for that!


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