How To Pick The Perfect SwimSuit

It’s beach time ladies so you know what that means….swim suit shopping. With so many types and styles to choose from, trying to pick the perfect swim suit that compliments your body may be overwhelming so here’s a few tips to aide with your swim suit selection.

1. What Is Your Body Type: This is the most important step you don’t want to be a size 14 squeezing into a size 2 swim suit so here’s a body chart to figure out what’s your body type.

Pear Shape: You have a slim upper body but have hips at the bottom

Apple Shape:  You are pleasantly plum

Hour Glass Shape: You are evenly proportioned at the top and bottom

Cardboard Shape: You are thin all the way around


2. Where To Shop for A Swim Suit: There are plenty of places to purchase your swim wear from. For some using the internet to make there selection is easy as 123. For others who like to try on items the store would be a better choice. Victoria Secret is a great place to buy a bathing suit  from. Remember the store you choose should cater to your body type.

3. Swim Suit Selection: You should choose something that you are comfortable in and highlights your best features. For instance, solids can be used to hide things you don’t like and bright colors are used to bring attention to your best features

So the next time you’re getting ready to shop for a new swimsuit remember these tips and all eyes will be on you at the beach.

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