Dash Diet

How many times has the New Year come around and you make new year goals  like  “This year I will eat healthier” or maybe you have said”I am going to go on a diet plan” but you never get around to it. With so many activities in our day to day life it just seems like fast food is more convenient then taking the time out to cook a meal with the proper nutritions.

Holding the title as the best diet plan for 4 consecutive years, is the Dash Diet has taken the world by storm. The diet was originally developed as an eating plan  to help lower blood pressure but now it has transformed into a tool that aids in weight loss. Weight loss isn’t the only result that you will receive using the Dash Diet, it has also been proven to be effective in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

The Dash diet is based on students NIH studies that examined 3 dietary plans and their results.



For more information on the Dash Diet and to see how it can benefit you check out Dash Eating Plan 
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