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Chimp Attack Victim Wants to Sue Connecticut

Charla Nash is asking for permission to sue the state of Connecticut after being attacked by a “pet” chimp 5 years ago.

 Nash has already  sued Sandra Herold, the owner of the chimp, and received $4 million for her injuries, but according to spokesman Shelly Sindland, that settlement doesn’t cover the expenses for the numerous amounts of surgeries Nash has received.

Nash is seeking a $150 million settlement that will help fund a hand transplant. 

In an interview with CNN

Connecticut attorney general spokeswoman Jaclyn Falkowski said, “The legal question in this case is: Did the state owe a legal duty to protect Ms. Nash from attack by a privately owned chimp on private property? Under well-settled law, it did not.”

“While we have the utmost sympathy for Charla Nash, we do not believe that the state is liable for Ms. Nash’s injuries. To decide otherwise would set a very dangerous precedent, exposing the state and its taxpayers to unlimited liability and costly litigation.”

Nash was attacked while trying to help her friend take pet chimpanzee back into her house. Travis the chimp,then  jumped on Nash, biting and mauling her.

Police shot the chimp,  which left Nash without hands, a nose, lips or eyelids.

Do you think that the state should pay $150 million to cover Ms.Nash expenses comment below why or why not?



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